Canadian innovator Twig Fertility secures $8m to revolutionize fertility care

Rhino Ventures backs the startup with $8m investment for enhanced fertility care.

Twig Fertility
Founders of Twig Fertility (from left to right): Tanner Kohara, Co-Founder & President; Dr. Rhonda Zwingerman, Co-Founder & Medical Director; Zach Shapiro, Co-Founder & CEO. (CNW Group/Twig Fertility)

Twig Fertility, a Canadian innovator in fertility and reproductive health, has successfully raised $8 million in a Series A funding round led by Rhino Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on empowering visionary teams.

The funding will boost Twig’s growth, support its proprietary technology platform development, and expand its footprint to become Canada’s premier fertility solution.

Twig Fertility, co-founded by Tanner Kohara, Zach Shapiro, and Dr. Rhonda Zwingerman, is revolutionising the fertility journey by merging hospitality, technology, and medical expertise.

The clinic offers various services including in-vitro fertilisation, egg freezing, fertility checks, reproductive genetic counselling, and mental health & wellness support.

“Treatment often lacks service, technology, and emotional support, and there’s usually no transparency in pricing or cost,” said Kohara, recalling his own fertility journey. Determined to transform the convoluted fertility experience, the co-founders developed a state-of-the-art fertility clinic and IVF lab designed around a compassionate, personalised patient experience.

“With Rhino Ventures’ strategic investment, Twig is poised to revolutionise fertility care in Canada,” said Shapiro, Twig’s CEO. “Rhino shares our vision to provide the best possible outcomes, simple and transparent pricing, and a five-star patient experience.”

The funding will also assist in recruiting and retaining world-class fertility specialists and support the development of Twig’s proprietary technology platform. This platform leverages personal health and demographic data to tailor each patient’s treatment plan, aiming to overcome obstacles such as time and cost to achieve family-building goals.

“Canada has the lowest per capita use of fertility treatments in the G7, largely due to accessibility and cost,” said Jay Rhind, Partner at Rhino Ventures. “Twig Fertility’s vision for personalised care addresses a critical need in the Canadian market.”

With 1 in 6 Canadians experiencing infertility, and employers increasingly offering fertility benefits, the demand for timely, affordable fertility treatment is high.

“Twig seeks to be at the forefront of defining standards of care and patient experience in the Canadian fertility industry,” said Shapiro. “We will continue to raise the bar.”